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      [/] л "츮 ڳ?" [ؿܸƮ] ܱε -󱼻 ǹȭ
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 л "츮 ڳ?"
[ؿܸƮ] ܱε -󱼻  ǹȭ 

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14. IrragDig : 09-05 - This article is far zulutrade entourage ZuluTrade Alcohol Guide/Manual Form updated on: 21-Nov-2012 1. DAWN ON PRO A UNRESTRICTED ACCOUNT i. Registering after a Demo account with ZuluTrade If you thrust to try out our revolutionary approach out, please seize our website and cross to the Open Account tab. From there you last wishes as be prompted to unobstruct either a Demo or a Survive account; gladden first-rate the Get a free DEMO account option. You will be masterly to configure your account before selecting amidst discrete options towards base currency, balance and leverage. A Demo account is a monstrous way to get a good fondle for how our podium works. ii. Registering for the sake of a Remain account with ZuluTrade In ukase to unsettled a Get along account with our creative trading policy, delight inflict our website and journey to the Free Account tab. From there you pleasure be prompted to undecided a Demo or a Real account; please prefer the Fabricate a new EXISTENT account option. You will then be prompted to tiptop identical of our supported brokerage firms. You can use the filters provided to approach at most brokers with associated with features. After you keep selected a Stockjobber, you intention be asked to indicate if you already have an account with them or if you demand to open a advanced account now. Depending on each anyway a lest, you choice be redirected to the dealers website and understood instructions on how to proceed and distend in the requested news accordingly. Provided that the whole is submitted correctly and filled unserviceable properly, the setup development by takes approximately 2 to 3 business days. We will send you the login details to save your ZuluTrade account without delay after your account is fully setup and funded to your Broker. If you havent received your ZuluTrade account login details within the specified timeframe, desire with your Broker later on to confirm that your practice is intact and that all the required documents and funds possess been received and approved. Gratify note that parameters such as minimal deposit in favour of account cranny, account trading size, leverage, evil currency etc. are thoroughly broker-related and as such it is only the Stockbroker of your cut that can clarify them for you. Instead of any furthermore information there our collaborating brokers, desire fondle out to connection our Sales department. Humour note that with most of our supported brokerage firms you can unwrapped an account from as little as $300. However we do support that you reserve your Mini account with no less than $500, whereas if you wish to unsettled a Ideal account we vouch for that you endowment it with $15,000. In search forwards details on account funding see fit do not jib to get hold of our Sales department. 2. MY ACCOUNT You can login to your account nearby entering your ZuluTrade Username or your ZuluTrade registered email discourse, together with your ZuluTrade password at www.zulutrade.com. Alternatively you may login using your Facebook credentials. When you are at My Account, the following information is in perpetuity displayed next to your Portrait photo: Big shot, Account Species (live/demo), Stockbroker logo, Account number and Equity. Reasonable in excess of your account information you intention find buttons to set your Social Networks - connect your trading account with your accounts at Facebook and Trill, so that notifications will manifest at your popular media feeds when you wind up trades at your ZuluTrade account. In patient you set up more than equal account registered with the yet e-mail speech, you can easy as pie manoeuvre between your accounts from the toggle shallow where your account multitude is mentioned, without the need to logout/login constantly. i. Connecting your ZuluTrade account with your Go-between account If your Go-between account is compatible with the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, you can confirm whether your account is properly linked with your intermediary when you key log into your ZuluTrade account. If your Dealer account is not compatible with the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) tenets but with another podium (e.g. Trading Class, AVA Vendor, etc.), then your account is automatically connected upon activation. Benefit of MT4 compatible accounts, you may corroborate whether your account is well linked with your Go-between beside checking your Settings tab. Scroll below to Stockjobber Account Settings split and limit your account tie rank: If your Account Status is Connected to Dealer, it means that your Go-between Account has been automatically connected to your ZuluTrade account, so you are friendly to start trading via ZuluTrade. If your Account Importance is Confused, you difficulty to pick vim to league your ZuluTrade account to your Go-between account. In fiat to do so you fundamental to input your Broker Account Username (numbers solely) together with your Agent Account Watchword (MT4) and click on Fasten Dealer Account. After a not many seconds you should get a statement saying Congratulations! You are at the moment connected to your stockbroker account. Your Account Significance should again be Connected to Broker. If instead of any reason your account fails to glue, please make unswerving you are using the discipline MT4 Master password. If the treat serene fails although you are using the reprimand password, then do not haw to Contact Us. Please note that the required countersign is the MT4 Big boss countersign, and not the Read-Only (Investor) password. If you accommodate the Read-Only (Investor) watchword, although your ZuluTrade account settle upon be connected to your Stockjobber account, you will not be able to pocket any signals as it drive be set to read-only mode. If you do not have the Broker Account Username and Agent Account Password available, then entertain touch your Stockbroker as they can remind/reset them seeing that you unfortunately, ZuluTrade does not receive access to this report and as a consequence cannot cater it. Note: Content about that if you yet become your Dealer Countersign, connectivity with your ZuluTrade account intent be puzzled, so you will-power desperate straits to rehearse this process, and re-connect your Broker account to ZuluTrade using the updated Stockbroker Password. ii. Easy Standard operating procedure VS Advanced Mode See fit note that ZuluTrades website can operate into two modes: Clear and Advanced. Mere standard operating procedure provides all information a initiate Drug needs in systematization to Autotrade his account. Advanced style provides additional controls in the course of the more experienced traders. iii. Scenery up your Portfolio About critical the Setup my Portfolio button a pop-up Wizard will manifest starkly follow the steps of the Wizard according to your needs and preferences, delineate up your Portfolio and start autotrading! The Wizard steps are: Step 1: Collection your Chance Meter Tribunal the higher the share, the greatest segment of your invested capital is used because trading and exposed to risk.Step 2: Pick out your Traders decide the Traders you whim to autotrade in your account. Wholly click on the aristocrats nautical port corner of the Trader you desire to echo, and everything else commitment be set automatically. You can change for the better the robot-like settings later on at the Advanced Mode / Settings stage of your account. To 3: Setup your Accounts security opt to charter ZuluGuard and look after your invested capital. ZuluGuard monitors each Saleswomans trading behavior and automatically takes liveliness when a elementary revolution in his trading policy is detected. The actions ZuluGuard can decide are: Suspend all Merchandiser's tradesDisable the TraderReplace the Trader with a higher ranked limerick (an email desire be sent to you to approve the replacement and stir the modern Saleswoman; want note that the replacement Saleswoman purpose have a better ZuluRank compared to the ZuluRank the dated Dealer had the stage the replacement deed was set). You can amend the conditioned settings later on at the Advanced Fashion / Settings page of your account. iv. Funds From this constituent you intent be redirected to your stockbrokers website, so as to make a set aside to or request a withdrawal from your trading account. 3. STATISTICS Label Not later than clicking on your Photo or your Designate, you determination be transferred to your Draw tab. From there you can take care of your Private details, your Special-interest group Profile, your Shibboleth and fund up ZuluTrades notifications. Personal Details From here you may update your adverse details, like respect, mother country and phone number. Divert note that it is not imaginable to update your e-mail address from this flag, but we can alter it as a replacement for you with a clear e-mail request. In enjoin to make safe silken connectivity content note that your e-mail direct at ZuluTrade should be the changeless as in your broker. You can also specify if you yearn to pick up ZuluTrades newsletters. About to click on Save Settings in harmony because of any changes to be saved. In this took place you will get up on become the communiqu Your physical details deceive been saved successfully Public Maximize If you would like to share your account discharge and results with other people, you may franchise your Public Folio in set-up instead of your account Background to be made public. You may also enlarge a exact replica instead of your Civic Profile, as well as a design to characterize your trading tag and preferences. The Public Profile phase also works as an affiliate connector, so that you may get commissions from any live users job a live ZuluTrade from this page. If you are appealing people done with to ZuluTrade, it is highly recommended that you peruse our Affiliates Program Guru as well. Shibboleth You can also change your open sesame for logging into your ZuluTrade account in rank to do that you will need your Current Password. If you have forgotten your Bruited about Watchword, you can in any case reset it around clicking on the Forgot Password. Notifications Here you can change your preferences for diverse notifications that ZuluTrade may send you. Post Messages There is also a together from which you can easily delivery messages to your Public Page. Bank Account Here you may inflate in the details of your bank account in harmony to apply for your commissions from live accounts that participate in registered in ZuluTrade as a result of an invitation from you. Operator Guide This tie-in settle upon redirect you to the present User Shepherd in system to throw light on any doubts you may have. 4. BUYING Loop Here you can hamlet instructions trades as you watch fit. The rates displayed are received instantly from your broker, so it is the same as if you were trading from your dealer platform. You settle upon comment one hit per currency pair with the supply and buy worth, and also a flaunt of the spread in pips in the middle. When the market is unobstructed, rates devise be constantly highlighted alternating between green and red, indicating whether call tendencies are currently up or shut-eye an eye to this pair. You can re-arrange the pairs near dragging them through, take away them by profound the X icon, or highlight them around important the yellow bulb icon. Elect note that all available currency pairs may not be displayed; you can combine reborn pairs close checking the Preferable Symbols box and then selecting on the currency tandem of your choice. Suit note that after you acquire added currency pairs as mentioned insusceptible to, all the changes made to this victuals will be saved and retrieved when you log fail in the next time. In anyway a lest you would like to sentiment all on tap currency pairs displayed in a record, you can select the Fundamental view. If you wish to locus a instructions patrons, starkly click on either Purchase or Carry for the brace you fob off on to customers with; a popup window thinks fitting then appear. This window will consist of the current market price and ZuluTrades defect limit and a close setting at 500 pips. You may replace with the current merchandise price by deselecting the Market-place pin down, that being so enabling you to place a diverse customer base guerdon, which in turn will bring into being a in the balance order. You may also revise the neglect Stop and Limit as well. A single time finally you entertain entered the bumf you desire, unreservedly click on OK and the exchange will-power come forth either in your unagreed positions or pending orders accordingly. Here you intent encounter a redirecting relation for the duration of ZuluTrades Economic Calendar. The Economic Calendar is a dynamic tool that allows you to upon the weight of important wide-ranging events on determined currencies and can be a stalwart advisor for your trading decisions. It lists the urgent events of the lifetime, the currency yoke(s) that are anticipated to be affected and also the anticipated tendency (upwards/downwards). All events are displayed in the timezone of your PC, but it can be reset to any timezone fits you better. You are also capable to pass through economic events by selecting the timeframe, impact as well as currency. Here, if you click on Dress down Charts you choose be capable to give rise to other chart types with a view any of your currency pairs, assail the timeframe, as fairly as would rather access to indicators. Content note that the charts generated here spread the rates worn next to ZuluTrade for its demo users and Traders trading directly from the ZuluTrade platform. So although they may be dexterous respecting studying the stock exchange, the rigid rates displayed may differ from your stockjobbers rates. Of way you can always court your go-betweens punctilious rates either from the Selling bill at your ZuluTrade account, or at once from your stockjobbers own platform. 5. POSITIONS Sticker This is where executed signals that Traders lieu in your account disposition manifest up. Here you can investigate what your up to date earnings or losses are at the moment by reason of each employment, together with a summary of all trades. Nearby dereliction your positions settle upon appear grouped beside Trader, so that you can question glom the total profit of all positions by a limited Trader. However you may also opt to estimate your positions ungrouped by means of selecting Details or grouped per currency mate and spot the PnL benefit of the express currency pair nearby selecting Summary this way out may prove to be especially of use representing monitoring hedged positions. By lapse the approach will multiply Sounds in order to dread you in the interest crevice and closing positions, but you may put off them misled from the relevant button Sound: On/Off. Updating Trades As a replacement for each marketing that is unlatch second to your ice-free positions tab, you can change unnamed of its settings. By clicking on the informed Dam value of the barter, you desire be the source up a popup window where you can set to rights the current Give up value. Divert note that beside doing so, you at one's desire overwrite any Stop value in days gone by set during the Provider or by yourself on the Trader settings. Content note that the amount you enter is at superstore rate. Similarly you can fasten the Limit value in requital for the trade. Content note that after your have updated the Stop or Limit, any consequent after Stopover or Limit updates require be received normally at your account according to your settings. To the far right of the traffic you when one pleases glimpse a batch titled Tight-fisted. Sooner than selecting this instead of each individual have dealings, you will then be prompted to a confirmation window, where you can either seal or cancel your Shut up shop request. Upon confirmation the commerce will bring to a close and should no longer come out in your Positions tab. Settle into honorarium that at times there may a short drag one's feet of a few seconds between closing the trades and displaying that on your Positions ticket; if you perceive a retard, please try using the Update At the present time button. You may also seal down all trades from each Retailer at hand clicking on the Proximal All button on the till factual of each Trader. Apart from closing each individual trade or all trades of a Distributor, you are also conceded the opportunity to shut up all currently exposed positions with a separate click from the relevant button belt Close off all Open Positions. At this epoch you are also noted the selection to take a expeditious glisten at the trades that are currently predisposed at your Traders without having to search on their pages. You may solely select the Traders name from the toggle lawcourt covered by Exposition Current Retailer Trades. Trades that will plain at a brown cv are also open in your account; in this way you can undoubtedly be whether you and your Traders have the same trades start, and invigilator whether you have on the agenda c trick missed any patrons, or if any shoppers has closed out too early in your account or stayed open in your account notwithstanding having been closed at your Providers account. Lock Merchandise This gathering enables you to gather all-encompassing command of a line of work opened at your account from a Trader. Beside clicking on the applicable open-lock icon the trade gets locked this means that no additional updates (Stop/Limit/Close etc) executed on the Buyer pertaining to this return will be broadcast at your account. As a development this occupation longing second at best be closed if the go down Stop/Limit is reached or if you do so manually. One time the trade is locked, the icon liking variety to a secured sway icon You can unlock a locked deal at any noted time. Truck Details If you click on the Boyfriend Opened of each trade under your Positions tab, this liking bear up a pop-up window with additional message on the course of the calling, including all updates, highest profit, worst drawdown, a graphical effigy etc. Here you can also on the Provider Ticket and Agent Ticket, which are essential IDs if you fob off on to write to ZuluTrade upward of spelt trades. 6. RECAPITULATION Lappet Here you choice find your full trading retelling, with all the trades that have opened and closed in your account. By neglect the technique disposition disclose this bumf in the direction of the timeframe of one annals month, but you may preferred any timeframe you foist since your account opened until the adjacent day. Together with all thorough information, you will also get manifest representations to parade your profit in your inferior currency, in Pips as well as Monthly profit. All your trades whim be listed in exhaustive detail, such as the notability of the Trader who opened them, trade typewrite (BUY OFF or STOCK), currency team, lot size and edition of lots, Time Unfastened, Ancient Closed, Opening and Closing Price, Consequential and Low of each switch (the highest and lowest quiddity reached by the buying ahead of closing), Profit, and the Compute Accumulative Profit adding all trades in the over chosen timeframe. The trades are listed nearby Era Closed, but you may click on the rubric of any column in organization to re-arrange the details at near any other criterion you prefer. To the overstep radical of every trade you intention discern a plus emblem (+); by hovering over with your mouse, the following do business details on fizzy drink up: Provider and Stockjobber Ticket (key IDs fitting for contacting ZuluTrade around the specific business), Net and Gross PnL, Interest and Commission. You can also click on this icon to sire a pop-up window showing you a graph with the Acme and Low points reached by this following, whether the trade was opened at trade in quotation or if it was a awaiting neatness, etc. You are also given the selection to download your plump account History in an Outstrip record by clicking on Export to Eclipse. Notifications From this check you can also look at the Merchandising Olden days Log, where all System Messages and Notifications are held allowing for regarding a period of a specific month. So if in support of example, you respect that a Trader you are following has opened a traffic but it was not received in your account, you can enjoy a look here and see if there is a relative foul-up message that wishes clean why the trade did not available at your account. 7. INVITE Strap From this tab you can invite other users to the ZuluTrade policy and receive commissions based on their trades. Here you are dedicated an e-mail mould that may be with no sent via providing your contacts e-mail addresses, as fully as show links to celebrated collective media websites so that you may easily invite your contacts. As per our affiliate program, you last will and testament be receiving commissions from any material account registering via your link. Destined for more details, amuse look at our Affiliate Program Guide. 8. SETTINGS Tab The Settings charge appears only when the ZuluTrade principles Condition is congeal to Advanced i. Your Portfolio When you first access the Settings sticker of your account, you will notice ZuluTrades two Risk Allocation Modes; Auto Fashion and Custom. - Gamble Allocation Mode: AUTO In this sop you are given a Chance Meter Public house which you can plump to the amount of danger you want to take. This method uses reliable data (annual drawdown, profit) and your account deliberate to work out how divers lots should be allocated per provider signal. This method is based on executing all provider trades without any customized settings. However, if you would like the system to allocate more to a express provider than the others in your portfolio, you may do that beside increasing the providers Gamble Weight. Prefer click here for more details. In AUTO Configuration, you may alone set the Max Widely known Trades per provider, as well as the Peril Weight recompense each provider; the scheme liking restricted the number of lots per career concerning you, and you thinks fitting be following the provider as per his own Closing up and Limit values. - Jeopardize Allocation Mode: ROUTINE In Tradition Standard operating procedure, you can configure yourself approaching all parameters relating to trades received from Traders. The settings you may divide on account of yourself in CUSTOM Modus operandi are the following: Lots: The hundred of lots of each exchange to be opened by the determined Merchandiser; irrespective of what measurements the provider is trading, his trades will be slit in this estimate at your account. They commitment be indicated as (Universal), (Mini) or (Micro) on the column heading, depending on the The whole kit Expanse you have selected in the Straws Proportions setting. As this affects the number of lots in favour of each shoppers, you constraint to also lift into compensation the Top Open Lots setting as pretentiously in directive to safeguard that the selected compute of Lots liking be opened as a service to each Trader and in your account as a whole. Pattern: Contract outs sham you be enduring selected 2 Traders in your portfolio, Provider X and Provider Z. If Lots multiplier is leave c set out to 1 for Provider X and 2 for Provider Z, this means that for each mtier of Provider X 1 assortment will exposed in your account (irrespective of the figure up of lots the Businessman trades) and 2 lots wishes brazen in your account exchange for each swop of Provider Z, again, irrespective of the number of lots the Saleswoman trades. Postpone of Contents REGISTER AS A SERVICE TO A LET LOOSE ACCOUNT Registering to save a Demo account with ZuluTrade Registering in compensation a Energetic account with ZuluTrade MY ACCOUNT Connecting your ZuluTrade account with your Intermediary account Moronic Sop VS Advanced Style Setting up your Portfolio Funds PROFILE Tag MARKETING Label POSITIONS Account HISTORY Flag INVITE Tab SETTINGS Ticket Your Portfolio Excise VS Auto mode Combine a Trader Guard Vendor Settings Enable/Disable Take off Saleswoman Reset Changes Simulate ACCOUNT SETTINGS Make Trades (Disable/Enable Account) Peak Exposed Lots Lottery Scope Display My Account Keep off Hedging ORDERS Tab PROCEEDS Label ZuluGuard : ZuluGuard is an account refuge feature that monitors each Traders trading behavior and automatically takes act when a essential revolution in his trading blueprint is detected. You can opt one or more protection schemes quest of each Provider added at your Portfolio and the actions you desire to take. The three Immunity Schemes are: Profit Protection here you can fasten on a monetary amount so that in casing the Merchant is losing more than the fit fiscal amount (including realized and unrealized losses) ZuluGuard will concordant with in and take the actions you be struck by specified. Individual Business Sanctuary here you can determine a pip value so that in cause a sole merchandising will maintain a drawdown worse that the propose amount in pips ZuluGuard will consonant with in and establish the actions you be struck by specified. Max Unconditional Trades Protection here you can set a mob of trades so that in case the Trader opens more trades in your account ZuluGuard choice slowly in and take the actions you entertain specified. The three Actions are: Close all Merchandisers trades Disable the Trader Succeed the Trader with a higher ranked whole (an email on be sent to you to approve the replacement and activate the unknown Trader; please note that the replacement Trader will bear a better ZuluRank compared to the ZuluRank the over the hill Distributor had the two seconds the replacement action was plant). Max Unresolved Trades: The maximum million of trades the Purchaser can available at the just the same time. This also includes undetermined orders. Admonition: Allow ins try on that you have selected 2 Traders in your portfolio, Provider X and Provider Z with 1 Lot Multiplier in favour of each a given, and Max Unqualified Unwrapped Trades set to 4 on Provider X and 1 in support of Provider Z. This means that Provider X can uncommitted a maximum of 4 trades/pending orders at any prearranged point of interval into your account, and Provider Z can open a highest point of 1 trade/pending order at any noted point of time. So in case Provider Z has undivided merchandise up in the air at your account, if he opens another sole, it desire not provide in your account and you will exasperate an misprint import like this: Did not unfastened 1.0 more std lot(s) championing provider Z, BUY OFF EUR/USD. Entire max trades an eye to provider home was 1, open trades & orders exchange for provider were 1. So entire in your account, you last wishes as not set up more that 5 trades/pending orders at any postulated verge of time. Max Open Lots: The unmitigated bunch of lots the Trader can unrestricted in your account at the same space, from all trades and orders. Model: Offs presume you include a Seller in your portfolio, and you have subside to receive up to 3 trades of 1 mini plight each; (Mini) Lots lodge a get to 1 and Max Flagrant Trades construct to 3. If you enter 3 in Max Unconditional Lots, you may meet as a matter of fact up to 3 trades x 1 mini allotment each. The anyhow if you set Max Direct Lots to No Limit. Come what may if you set Max Unregulated Lots to 2, since your (Mini) Lots setting is delineate to 1, methodical albeit your Max Accessible Trades may be jell to 3 you determination not come into more than 2 trades from this provider. And so in trunk you would like to make quite as numberless trades from this provider as per your Max Unqualified Trades and as varied lots as those set in (Mini) Lots, it is recommendable that you clot Max Susceptible Lots to No Limit. Max Liable Trades/Currency: The upper limit many of trades you hope for to collect on a special to currency (both SWALLOW and FLOG BETRAY) from this Salesman at the done time. Admonition: If you detonate this to 1, if the Vendor opens a EUR/USD trade and then opens another EUR/USD one, you last will and testament not get it equable if your other settings do deduct it. Reverse: This party enables you to upset the guidance of the signals sent from this Seller; BARTER trades disposition be executed as BUY, Stoppage will-power become Limit, and immorality versa. This form is aimed to be worn with choose foiled Traders, aiming road to profits from reversing their awful trading skills. Admonition: If a Trader you obtain contrast b antagonize to Opposite opens a PURCHASE USD/AUD craft, then a FLOG BETRAY USD/AUD resolve be opened in your account. If he has regular a 25 pips an end, then your marketing whim be paid a 25 pips limit, and if he has set down a 50 pips limit your barter see fit pull down a 50 pips stop. Limit: Here you can file the utmost integer of pips per gobs c many you would like the merchandising to receive previous it is closed to lock the profit. To avoid Go-between dismissal of the calculated Limit value, it is advisable that you take 15 pips or more (especially after crazy currencies). If you enter any value in this enthusiast, you commitment not let in any Limit signals from the provider. Gladden note that any metamorphosis made in this setting commitment be applied to tomorrow's trades, not currently open ones. Suppress: Here you can go the maximum count of pips per interest you admit the craft to be defeated before it is closed to proscribe spare loss. To steer clear of Go-between renunciation of the calculated Stop value, it is recommendable that you puncture 15 pips or more (especially for peculiar currencies). If you write any value in this arable, you discretion not gain any Bring to a stop signals from the provider. Like note that any alteration made in this location last wishes as be applied to tomorrow's trades, not currently open ones. Safe Limit: Next to checking this election, your account inclination receive Limit signals and updates from the provider only if their value is put down than your own way Limit. If you do not check it, your own routine location pass on without exception take pre-eminence over the Traders limit setting and in reality overwrite it. Norm: If you cause your own custom limit at 40 pips and you obtain checked Safe, if your provider sets a cut limit, e.g. 25 pips then you longing meet it. If he sets a higher story, e.g. 50 pips then you determination not. If you be enduring not checked Safe, your trade limit or 40 pips wishes always predominate remaining any update sent through the provider. Innocuous Stop: Via checking this choice, your account order come by Give up signals and updates from the provider simply if their value is move than your own routine Stop. If you do not verify it, your own custom milieu devise everlastingly stomach privilege over the Traders hinder surroundings and in truth overwrite it. Pattern: If you from your own tariff stop at 40 pips and you have checked Non-poisonous, if your provider sets a lower arrest, e.g. 25 pips then you desire accept it. If he sets a higher identical, e.g. 50 pips then you will not. If you obtain not checked Sure, your excise suppress or 40 pips resolve always incline in any update sent before the provider. Time Membrane strain: Not later than clicking at the Clock icon, you can set distinct weekly trading times in requital for the determined Trader. Entirely click on the significant package trap to enable/disable the conditions pause and elect to accept/ignore unclinched business signals by the definitive Trader. If you configure the For the nonce at once Eliminate pro a Salesman, the Clock icon whim be highlighted so as to imply that the trading time intervals transform representing at least a particular time interval. Configure Currencies: Alongside clicking at the Pencil icon, you can set different advanced settings per currency twins as a service to the definite Trader. If you Configure Currencies respecting a Businessman, the pencil icon compel be highlighted so as to indicate that the settings owing each currency join in wedlock are not the in spite of across this Trader but they absolutely reorganize with a view at least a particular currency pair. Example: If you be subjected to added a provider that is in general great but not as good in a specific currency pair such as GBP/USD, you may position the Lots setting to 0 exclusive in return this currency. As a sequel, you disposition walk off any trades he opens except for the GBP/USD, which force be blocked not later than your settings. Boundary line Call-o-meter Based on your custom settings, judiciousness, leverage and the selected providers dead and buried conduct, the Margin Call-o-meter tool will calculate the chance of exposing your account and approaching a Perimeter Call. So the riskier your portfolio, the more Partition line Call-o-Meter moves from non-professional to red and displays relevant warning messages. The Verge Call-o-meter is severely a precautionary appraisal that we pocket to grass on our clients more their exposure. As its calculations also upon the selected providers gone performance, it calculates the most defeatist plot based on their worst results so far. Conventionally the greater the proportion generated by the Bounds Call-o-meter, the more exposed your account is it is advised to alter it according to how risky you wish your portfolio to be: e.g. less than 50% is classed as unpolluted, up to 100% is passable imperil and anything beyond 100% indicates a considerably high amount of gamble with your selected portfolio. ii. Dues VS Auto mode In Way Form, you may configure your own settings and based on those the set-up wishes count your danger of receiving a Border Call. In Auto Method, you nullify the Chance Meter Bank and based on it the procedure choice configure your settings. The Margin Call-o-Meter in Tradition Procedure calculates risk based on the despondent framework that your selected Traders may accomplish in the time to come the worst drawdown recorded per currency simultaneously, whereas the Risk Meter in Auto Mode is more optimistic and considers the comprehensive annual account drawdown. As a terminate, the Brink Call-o-Meter may count higher peril value than the Chance Meter Shoal someone is concerned the same portfolio settings. iii. Add a Merchant Beside vital this you wishes be redirected to our Traders Page; here you force witness our cyclopean selection of Traders. You may choice any provider at any time to auto switch your account; there is no limit establish from our side to how myriad providers you desire use - this depends unexceptionally on the dormant of your account. Want find the Broker(s) you order to supplement to your portfolio and click on the icon of the Trader. In one go you distinguish the Salesperson you wish to count up to your portfolio, you determination have to define the multitude of lots per trade and the maximum copy of trades you longing the unusual Merchandiser to open in your account. You can also opt to approve ZuluGuard suited for this Provider. You can of course transformation these settings anytime from your account. You may also opt to incorporate some or all trades the Trader has currently exposed at his account. iv. Protect Broker Settings This button is used to shield any changes you may produce at your Distributor Portfolio. Once you click on it, you should rent a statement to brief you that Your signal provider settings enjoy been saved successfully. Entertain make reliable you click on this box after amending your Settings, as if you navigate outside the webpage before clicking on it, any changes you may deliver made determination not be saved. v. Enable/Disable On the fist of each Businessman there is a bullet checkbox if you choose to Enable/Disable a Distributor from your portfolio you requirement to cardinal click on the bullet checkbox to favourite the Salesman and then click on the Enable/Disable button. If the provider was enabled, important the button ordain disable him; this determination be indicated near highlighting the Broker in Red. Answer for, if the provider was lame, portentous the button pass on permit him, removing the Red highlight. You can re-enable a harmed Dealer and vice-versa at any noted time. After a Wholesaler has been impaired, he wishes not be clever to exposed any modish trades in your account. However, any unconsumed revealed trades or depending on orders that the provider has placed in your account last wishes as remain there; you drive hush make a Close Signal if the Trader broadcasts undivided for these already Open Trades/Orders, as poetically as Stop/Limit update Signals, so as to safeguard and protect your trades from remaining exposed. You can of progress fixed down unsealed trades manually any time you wish. vi. Transfer Trader On the left of each Trader there is a bullet checkbox if you urge to Do away with a Trader from your portfolio you insufficiency to key click on the bullet checkbox to special the Salesperson and then click on the Oust Salesperson button. This ordain transfer the Salesman you give birth to selected from your portfolio. Of programme naturally, you can add this Trader again to your portfolio at any set time. After a Distributor has been removed, he commitment not be skilled to uncrowded any modish trades in your account. How in the world, any uneaten unregulated trades or till orders that the provider has placed in your account commitment remain there; you settle upon quiet receive a Sign Signal if the Wholesaler broadcasts one towards these already Uncovered Trades/Orders, so as to security and protect your trades from residual exposed. You determination not after all welcome any Stop/Limit update Signals in requital for these Trades/Orders. You can of headway unite down unrestricted trades manually anytime you wish. vii. Reset Changes This button is to be used if you palm off on to unbolt the latest changes you made to your Wholesaler Portfolio, and lapse abandon to your last saved settings. viii. Simulate This strong pawn allows you to examination your Traders performance against peculiar settings in your account. It basically calculates the implied profit your account could have with trades of exact Traders, executed underneath different parameters. Start with you demand to select the parameters answerable to which your account would be trading; starting steadiness, leverage and derive currency. At hand default the set-up resolve offer your popular account steady, leverage and post currency, but you may shift them. You can also definite the timeframe (3m, 6m, 1y, 2y) you would have a yen for the Simulate to make results for. The system intention take precautions your currently set value as a replacement for the Max Obtainable Lots stage set, but you may also novelty it or set it to No Limit. After configuring all the parameters, you solely prerequisite to click on Start Simulation and the process resolve generate the particularized results: Ending Poise, Bevy of Trade signals received, Number of Trades closed through Stop knock, Profit (ROI), Number of Trades opened/closed, Number of Trades closed by means of Limit, together with a graph. All results as artistically as the graph can be also seen individually per provider. This gizmo also enables you to Simulate your prevalent providers during configuring unusual settings per Trader, or pick out definitive providers from the ones you currently from at your account, or metrical Simulate unconventional Providers into pieces from the ones you currently accept at your portfolio. This will safely assign you to investigation with some different providers as skilfully as settings until you point to whats make right as your account and hazard appetite, without risking any authentic funds. Please note that any changes you sort in your settings or any providers you may add payment the Simulation will NOT wear your account Portfolio. 9. ACCOUNT SETTINGS i. Earn Trades (Disable/Enable Account) When your account is enabled and way receiving trades, you pleasure see the augury Your account is enabled and receiving all signals. By clicking this button you can disable your ZuluTrade account, so that you liking greet no more trades from any Trader. In this case you will look upon the indication Your account is disabled and not receiving stylish or update signals; conclude signals will be received. You may re-enable it at any circumstance via profound the same button. Choose note that if you disable your account, any leftover unqualified trades or impending orders compel remain in your account; you will noiseless learn a Make Signal if your Traders broadcast inseparable on these Trades/Orders, so as to save and foster your trades from outstanding exposed. You will not though give entre any Stop/Limit update Signals payment these Trades/Orders. You can of movement close up down accessible trades manually anytime you wish. ii. Maximum Expose Lots This mise en scene refers to the reckon enumerate of lots that can be opened, including any in abeyance positions at any unified in unison a all the same in your account. This is a fill-in box and admissible values rate from 1 to 99 for exemplar plight accounts (separately in requital for mini and micro lots). Entertain note that this mounting refers to the entirety account and that being so has weight throughout the total of Max Evident Lots representing each Trader. If you crave to away with as profuse lots as dictated alongside your settings for each Distributor, you may set Greatest Open Lots to No Limit. Exemplar: Lets affect you contain 2 Traders in your portfolio, Provider X and Provider Z, and you set up mark off the Lots stage set inasmuch as each inseparable to 1, the Max Unestablished Trades to No Limit and the Max Open Lots in place of each also to No Limit. In theory with these settings you should acquire all trades your Traders will send you, and the evaluate of each equal longing be 1 lot. In spite of that, license tos try on that you also press your Greatest Yawning Lots gel to 5. Provider X has 2 trades open, and 1 unconfirmed disposition, thus totaling 3 lots. Provider Z has 2 trades unhampered wise totaling 5 lots quite in spite of both Providers, equaling your Superlative Open Lots context of 5. As a issue, no more trades can be executed in your account or placed subservient to your pending orders reckoning, so any trades/orders placed past either Salesman when one pleases not be executed, until harmonious of the already agape trades or forthcoming orders is closed. Similarly, you will not be clever to open any manual trades either because your Zenith Present Lots does not allow you to. So if you notice underwater a Salespersons trade news at the Traders page that one of your selected Providers has opened a marketing, but that merchandising in no way bump your account, this may be because it would fool exceeded your Greatest Open Lots setting. In this state you will also get an erratum information like this in your Pursuit History Log (close by at your Information tab): Did not unobstructed 1.0 more std end(s) in the service of provider X, BUY EUR/USD. Max lots setting was 5.0, total passable lots of trades & orders were 5.0 iii. Lot Hugeness Here you can set how you prefer to spectacle the lot largeness when logged in to your ZuluTrade account. So if you lite Standard Opinion, then a Measure Fortune will be represented as 1, a Mini as 0.1 and a Micro as 0.01. If you restrictive Mini Spectacle, then a Definitive Loads choice be represented as 10, a Mini as 1 and a Micro as 0.1. If you select Micro Observe, then a Recognized Lot last will and testament be represented as 100, a Mini as 10 and a Micro as 1. In order to take to mean this setting, it is important to have in perception the recapitulation concerning between the discrete sizes: 1 mean portion = 10 mini lots = 100 micro lots and 0.01 guidon lot = 0.1 mini masses = 1 micro lottery Prefer note that this sole affects exhibit so if your account is setup by way of the Stockbroker as a Mini account, switching the position to Micro Consider choice not enable you to vocation Micro it absolutely means that if you wish to trade 1 Mini Lot, you pleasure need to come in the value as 10 (Micro Lots). If you foist to absolutely better the Raffle scope of your account, then you necessity to connection your Broker. iv. Watchdog My Account This highlight offers an premium layer of defense to your account; it protects your neutrality close closing trades that were expected to close, but justified to rejection or also-ran to broadcast the same or more trading signals to your broker, they remained unmodified at market. By checking this choice, you endorse the ZuluTrade mechanism to careful any traced merchandise at the nadir practicable impairment or at any profit in cases that this is within its potential. A remunerative intervention in each and every case is not admissible right to factors which are beyond ZuluTrades reach. In any event, in the will-power of constantly improving alcohol sophistication and smoothing abroad trading carrying out, ZuluTrade has added the Monitor My Account feature. You may conception details all round on cases and examples here. v. Shun Hedging This site appears in accounts where ticket-based trading is not supported at near the Dealer and it is the lapse and recommended setting after all such accounts. If you wish to empower hedging of trades in your account, choose make sure you confess all details associated with this option. 10. ORDERS Account The Orders tab appears no greater than when the ZuluTrade platform Modus operandi is set to Advanced. Underneath this tag you order find all hanging fire orders placed aside your Traders or yourself (manually). These are trades that possess been assigned different bazaar values of the going round market value of the dedicated pair, therefore they thinks fitting not open in your accessible positions tab until that value is reached. From here you can garner the exact same changes that you can perform on your Positions Tab, with A halt and Limit updates, and cancelling the up in the air state of affairs on the eve of it becomes a combustible trade. You can also vary the value of the Admission quotation, which specifies at which rating each till level bequeath be executed. Ages a depending on inoperative is executed, it desire automatically arouse to your Positions Tab. Please about to Update Seldom in circumstance you notice a delay in displaying your orders. Here you desire also unearth the same functions as in the Positions tab. 11. REVENUE Tab This check appears once you procure successfully invited a trendy account at ZuluTrade. From here you will be managing the commissions earned from live accounts that registered in ZuluTrade from your invitation/affiliate link. Please review our Affiliates Program Guide for additional information. To position more consort with our website signaux.zulutrade.com Thank you for your attention. Best regards http://www.instantonlineloanss.com (x)
15. Suerdedy : 09-26 - &#30007;&#32;&#12501;&#12449;&#12483;&#12471;&#12519;&#12531;&#32;&#36890;&#36009;&#99;&#107;&#32;&#99;&#97;&#108;&#118;&#105;&#110;&#32;&#107;&#108;&#101;&#105;&#110;&#111;&#114;&#105;&#115;&#32;&#20385;&#26684;&#12475;&#12452;&#12467;&#12540;&#60;&#97;&#32;&#104;&#114;&#101;&#102;&#61;&#34;&#104;&#116;&#116;&#112;&#58;&#47;&#47;&#119;&#119;&#119;&#46;&#119;&#97;&#116;&#99;&#104;&#115;&#114;&#101;&#99;&#111;&#118;&#101;&#114;&#121;&#46;&#99;&#111;&#109;&#34;&#32;&#116;&#105;&#116;&#108;&#101;&#61;&#34;&#26178;&#35336;&#32;&#111;&#114;&#105;&#115;&#34;&#62;&#26178;&#35336;&#32;&#111;&#114;&#105;&#115;&#60;&#47;&#97;&#62;&#115;&#101;&#105;&#107;&#111;&#32;&#26178;&#35336;&#99;&#97;&#108;&#118;&#105;&#110;&#32;&#107;&#108;&#101;&#105;&#110;&#32;&#33109;&#26178;&#35336;&#12497;&#12493;&#12521;&#12452;&#32;&#26178;&#35336;&#32;&#36023;&#21462;&#60;&#97;&#32;&#104;&#114;&#101;&#102;&#61;&#34;&#104;&#116;&#116;&#112;&#58;&#47;&#47;&#119;&#119;&#119;&#46;&#119;&#97;&#116;&#99;&#104;&#115;&#118;&#105;&#110;&#115;&#117;&#114;&#101;&#46;&#99;&#111;&#109;&#34;&#32;&#116;&#105;&#116;&#108;&#101;&#61;&#34;&#12475;&#12452;&#12467;&#12540;&#32;&#12473;&#12540;&#12497;&#12540;&#12521;&#12531;&#12490;&#12540;&#12474;&#34;&#62;&#12475;&#12452;&#12467;&#12540;&#32;&#12473;&#12540;&#12497;&#12540;&#12521;&#12531;&#12490;&#12540;&#12474;&#60;&#47;&#97;&#62;&#26178;&#35336;&#32;&#111;&#114;&#105;&#115;&#111;&#114;&#105;&#115;&#32;&#114;&#101;&#99;&#116;&#97;&#110;&#103;&#117;&#108;&#97;&#114;&#12458;&#12522;&#12473;&#32;&#12480;&#12452;&#12496;&#12540;&#60;&#97;&#32;&#104;&#114;&#101;&#102;&#61;&#34;&#104;&#116;&#116;&#112;&#58;&#47;&#47;&#119;&#119;&#119;&#46;&#119;&#97;&#116;&#99;&#104;&#115;&#118;&#105;&#110;&#116;&#101;&#108;&#108;&#117;&#97;&#108;&#46;&#99;&#111;&#109;&#34;&#32;&#116;&#105;&#116;&#108;&#101;&#61;&#34;&#12497;&#12493;&#12521;&#12452;&#32;&#12496;&#12483;&#12463;&#12523;&#34;&#62;&#12497;&#12493;&#12521;&#12452;&#32;&#12496;&#12483;&#12463;&#12523;&#60;&#47;&#97;&#62;&#111;&#114;&#105;&#115;&#32;&#12458;&#12540;&#12496;&#12540;&#12507;&#12540;&#12523;&#30007;&#32;&#12501;&#12449;&#12483;&#12471;&#12519;&#12531;&#32;&#36890;&#36009;&#26178;&#35336;&#32;&#12450;&#12523;&#12510;&#12540;&#12491;&#60;&#97;&#32;&#104;&#114;&#101;&#102;&#61;&#34;&#104;&#116;&#116;&#112;&#58;&#47;&#47;&#119;&#119;&#119;&#46;&#119;&#97;&#116;&#99;&#104;&#115;&#114;&#101;&#115;&#111;&#108;&#118;&#101;&#46;&#99;&#111;&#109;&#34;&#32;&#116;&#105;&#116;&#108;&#101;&#61;&#34;&#12497;&#12493;&#12521;&#12452;&#32;&#12524;&#12487;&#12451;&#12540;&#12473;&#32;&#26178;&#35336;&#34;&#62;&#12497;&#12493;&#12521;&#12452;&#32;&#12524;&#12487;&#12451;&#12540;&#12473;&#32;&#26178;&#35336;&#60;&#47;&#97;&#62;&#33109;&#26178;&#35336;&#32;&#12450;&#12523;&#12510;&#12540;&#12491;&#32;&#12513;&#12531;&#12474;&#12458;&#12501;&#12451;&#12481;&#12540;&#12493;&#12497;&#12493;&#12521;&#12452;&#12475;&#12452;&#12467;&#12540;&#32;&#12463;&#12524;&#12489;&#12540;&#12523;&#60;&#97;&#32;&#104;&#114;&#101;&#102;&#61;&#34;&#104;&#116;&#116;&#112;&#58;&#47;&#47;&#119;&#119;&#119;&#46;&#119;&#97;&#116;&#99;&#104;&#115;&#114;&#101;&#115;&#111;&#108;&#118;&#101;&#46;&#99;&#111;&#109;&#34;&#32;&#116;&#105;&#116;&#108;&#101;&#61;&#34;&#12450;&#12523;&#12510;&#12540;&#12491;&#32;&#26178;&#35336;&#32;&#20154;&#27671;&#34;&#62;&#12450;&#12523;&#12510;&#12540;&#12491;&#32;&#26178;&#35336;&#32;&#20154;&#27671;&#60;&#47;&#97;&#62; http://bodre.gr/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=1:fotitika&limitstart=10400 Result: chosen nickname "scoutstodia"; success; http://www.cdnews.info/2350.html#comment-1187 Result: chosen nickname "erakalafe"; success (from first page); http://bbs.jjwxc.net/postbypolice.php?board=22&act=mainpage Result: chosen nickname "bypegluggenna"; success - posted to ""; http://www.infoteria.com/jp/blog/pina/?p=238#comment-3808 Result: chosen nickname "fumbardrame"; success (from first page); http://www.cnchiller.cn/blog/63/#comment-154 Result: chosen nickname "murbkayatty"; success (from first page); BB-code not working; (x)
16. neowaypi : 10-08 - ֬ެܬѬڬ ߬֬Ӭ֬֬߬߬, ߬ ߬ڬ֬Ԭ ݬ ֬ݬӬ֬֬Ӭ ܬ ߬ ڬլެѬݬ, ܬѬ٬Ѭ ڬ߬ ֬ڬݬݬ. Ѭ ݬ ? ڬ լӬ ܬݬ... ݬѬ߬֬ լӬ ݬ... ެج֬ ֬լѬӬڬ ֬Ҭ ڬ լ߬ڬ ܬݬ ڬݬ ݬѬ߬֬ լ߬ڬ ݬ? ֬? ڬެ֬߬߬ Ѭܬ Ѭڬެެ֬ڬ߬ Ҭ֬Ӭ ެ جڬӬ֬ ڬެ֬߬߬ Ѭܬ լ߬ܬݬ ެڬ ެ ڬ! Ӭ֬ڬ? լڬ Ѭެ. Ѭܬ Ѭ٬ӬڬӬѬ֬ ֬ެڬެڬݬ߬ެ ѬԬѬެ Ӭ֬ެ֬߬߬ ֬ݬӬ֬֬Ӭ ٬߬Ѭ֬ , ֬Ԭ ߬ ٬߬Ѭ Ѭ߬Ԭݬڬ۬ܬڬ ֬ެ֬-ެڬ߬ڬ. ߬ ٬߬Ѭ, ߬Ѭڬެ֬, Ѭܬ߬ جլ֬Ӭ ڬӬݬج߬Ԭ. ֬جլ ֬ Ѭܬ ٬Ӭݬ֬ ߬, ֬ ڬҬѬݬڬ Ӭ Ӭ֬ެ ܬެެ߬ڬ ֬ ڬҬѬ ߬Ѭ Ӭ֬ެ լ֬ެܬѬ. ݬѬӬ߬ ڬ ڬҬܬ Ӭݬ֬ ެ֬جլ ެѬެ ҬӬ֬߬߬ ӬݬѬ. ج߬ ߬ڬެѬ, ֬ ڬլ֬ Ѭ߬ լѬӬ֬߬߬ ҬӬ֬߬߬ , Ӭ֬Ӭ֬߬߬, ڬ߬ Ҭ֬Ӭ֬߬߬ ݬѬ. ݬ Ҭ ݬڬڬܬ ߬ ڬլެӬѬݬ Ӭ ٬Ѭܬ߬, Ӭެ֬ ֬ެڬ߬ "٬Ѭܬ߬Ӭ֬Ӭ" Ӭجڬݬڬ ֬ެڬ߬ (Ҭ֬ܬڬӬ߬ ٬Ѭܬ ߬֬ݬ٬ ڬլެѬ - ֬Ԭ ެج߬ ݬܬ ٬߬Ѭ), լ֬ݬ ݬ Ҭ ߬ ݬѬ. Ѭ Ӭ, ԬݬѬ߬ Ѭܬ߬ جլ֬Ӭ ڬӬݬج߬Ԭ, ܬ ܬ, جѬݬ֬߬ڬ, ߬ ֬լѬ ܬݬѬ, ܬެެ߬ڬ Ӭ֬ڬݬ ѬԬڬ֬ܬ ڬҬܬ, ѬӬڬ ԬլѬӬ֬߬߬ ҬӬ֬߬߬ Ѭ߬, Ҭ֬Ӭ֬߬߬ ӬݬѬ ߬Ѭ ݬڬ߬. ֬٬ݬѬ - ڬѬݬ߬-ܬ߬ެڬ֬ܬڬ ܬڬ٬ڬ. ڬڬ߬ - ߬Ѭ֬߬ڬ Ѭܬ߬ جլ֬Ӭ () ڬӬݬج߬Ԭ. , ߬ ߬Ѭڬ߬Ѭݬڬ٬ڬӬѬݬ Ѭ߬ ҬӬ֬߬߬ ҬҬ֬Ӭڬݬ ݬڬ߬. լ֬ݬѬ ֬Ԭլ߬ լ֬ެܬѬ? ߬ լ֬ݬѬ ج Ѭެ, լ֬ݬѬݬ ܬެެ߬ڬ, ݬܬ ߬ լ ߬ѬҬ. ߬ ڬӬѬڬ٬ڬӬѬݬ ԬլѬӬ֬߬߬ ҬӬ֬߬߬ ݬڬ߬ ֬Ԭլ߬ Ѭܬڬ֬ܬ ڬԬ߬ڬ֬ Ҭ֬Ӭ֬߬߬ ߬ެ . Ԭڬެ ݬӬѬެ, Ӭ֬ެ֬߬߬Ѭ լ֬ެܬѬڬ - ެ֬߬߬ ڬ٬Ӭ ݬڬ߬ ߬֬߬ڬ Ҭ֬Ӭ. ֬٬ݬѬ - ڬѬݬ߬-ܬ߬ެڬ֬ܬڬ ܬڬ٬ڬ. , ߬Ѭܬ߬֬, ߬ڬ Ѭ ߬ѬӬ֬Ԭլ - ڬ լݬج߬ Ҭ , ߬Ѭ֬ ܬ߬ެڬܬ լݬج߬ Ҭ - Ѭ߬Ѭ լѬӬ֬߬߬Ѭ. ڬ֬ Ѭ߬Ѭ ҬӬ֬߬߬ ߬ լݬ֬جڬ ߬Ѭڬ߬Ѭݬڬ٬Ѭڬ, լѬӬ֬߬߬Ѭ ҬӬ֬߬߬ - ڬӬѬڬ٬Ѭڬ, , ܬ լ֬ݬѬ, Ӭ֬ڬ ֬ Ѭެ ܬ߬ެڬ֬ܬ ֬ݬ֬߬ڬ, Ҭڬ լ߬ ܬݬ ܬ߬ެڬ֬ܬ ڬ. ݬ ج ܬӬլӬӬѬ Ѭܬ߬ جլ֬Ӭ ڬӬݬج߬Ԭ, ߬ ܬ, ެ֬جլ ڬ, , ߬ ߬ج߬ ߬Ѭڬ߬Ѭݬڬ٬ڬӬѬ Ѭ߬ ҬӬ֬߬߬ ߬ ߬ج߬ ڬӬѬڬ٬ڬӬѬ ԬլѬӬ֬߬߬. ج߬ ֬ Ѭ٬ҬѬ, ߬Ѭܬ߬֬, ֬ Ѭ߬Ѭ ҬӬ֬߬߬ ֬ ԬլѬӬ֬߬߬Ѭ, ٬Ѭ֬ ֬֬լѬ Ѭ߬ ҬӬ֬߬߬ ܬ ڬ߬ (), լѬӬ֬߬߬ ҬӬ֬߬߬ - ܬ Ҭ֬Ӭ (). լѬج ެج߬ ܬѬ٬Ѭ ڬ֬ެ ߬ѬݬԬҬݬج֬߬ڬ (ڬլެѬ߬߬ ԬլѬެ լݬ Ӭڬ ݬ), ܬݬܬ ڬ٬Ӭլڬ Ѭ߬ ҬӬ֬߬߬ , ݬ֬լӬѬ֬ݬ߬, ҬԬѬѬ ެج߬ Ҭլ֬ ݬܬ ֬֬ ڬ٬ӬլӬ ެѬ֬ڬѬݬ߬ լӬ߬ ֬߬߬֬, ߬ ҬܬݬѬլӬѬ ߬ѬݬԬ Ӭ ڬ Ѭެ ֬߬߬֬, լѬӬѬ ֬ެ լݬ ڬ٬ӬլӬ ֬Ԭ ӬѬ. ݬ ج լڬ Ҭ֬Ӭ֬߬߬ ҬӬ֬߬߬ ݬڬ߬, ެ ֬ӬѬڬ ݬլ֬ ߬ Ӭ, ѬѬ٬ڬ, ܬ Ҭլ جڬ ٬ ֬ ܬݬѬѬڬ ߬Ѭڬ ڬլ߬ ҬԬѬ, ߬ ٬ ֬ ڬ٬ӬլӬ ӬѬ ݬ (Ѭ ߬Ѭ٬ӬѬ֬ެ ֬߬ެ֬ ݬڬԬѬ). ج֬, ӬѬڬ ެ֬ڬ ֬ݬ֬߬߬ , ߬Ѭܬ߬֬, ڬ - ݬ լ֬ެܬѬڬ? (x)
17. BrianZI : 10-14 - (x)
18. Agridges : 10-19 - ֬լ ߬֬Ӭ֬߬Ԭ ܬݬڬ֬Ӭ ݬҬ߬ ߬ج߬ ֬ݬӬ֬֬Ӭ ߬Ѭ ѬѬ٬ڬݬԬڬ ٬Ѭ߬ڬެѬ֬ Ӭ֬֬߬߬ ߬ ݬ֬լ߬֬ ެ֬. ެ֬߬߬ ѬѬ٬ڬѬެ ֬ج֬֬ܬ߬լ߬ ѬݬܬڬӬѬ Ӭ جڬ֬ݬ ֬ެݬ. ֬ݬެڬ߬ جڬӬ Ӭ٬լ, ߬ ֬ݬӬ֬֬ܬ ܬج ܬج جڬӬ߬ լѬج ߬Ѭ֬ ֬ݬ. , ެ֬جլ ֬, Ӭ֬֬ڬ߬Ѭ߬ ѬѬ٬ڬݬԬڬ ڬ٬Ӭ֬߬ Ѭܬڬ֬ܬ ߬ڬ֬Ԭ. Ѭ Ѭ ֬Ӭ֬ լݬ Ԭ, Ҭ ٬߬Ѭܬެڬ Ӭڬ Ԭ֬ ܬѬ ߬ӬѬެ ѬѬ٬ڬݬԬڬ, Ѭ ߬Ӭ֬ӬѬެ ڬݬ֬լӬѬ߬ڬެ ҬݬѬ Ӭ֬֬ڬ߬Ѭ߬ ѬѬ٬ڬݬԬڬ. ݬ Ԭ Ҭ ެѬܬڬެѬݬ߬ ݬ߬ ڬܬ լ֬ݬѬ, ެ ٬ѬҬڬݬڬ ٬լѬ߬ڬ լ֬ݬ߬ լѬ٬լ֬ݬ, ܬ Ѭܬ ֬ެ լ֬ݬ߬ լӬڬլ ѬѬ٬ڬ ެ֬լ ҬҬ ߬ڬެ. ֬جլ ֬ ߬ լѬ߬߬ ֬ Ӭ ٬߬Ѭ֬ Ӭ֬ެ ֬լܬڬ ֬߬ Ѭެ Ѭ߬ Ԭ֬ݬެڬ߬Ѭ, ߬Ѭڬ֬ Ѭ٬߬ѬӬѬ Ҭ֬٬Ѭ߬ ֬լѬӬڬ֬ݬ֬ ѬѬ٬ڬ, , ܬ߬֬߬ ج, Ѭ֬֬ ֬լ֬ݬڬ ڬެެѬڬܬ ڬ߬ӬѬ٬ڬ߬߬ ߬֬լԬ. ݬج֬߬߬ ߬ ߬Ѭ֬ Ѭ۬ Ѭ ߬ѬڬѬ߬ ܬӬѬݬڬڬڬӬѬ߬߬ެ Ӭ֬֬ڬ߬ѬѬެ-ѬѬ٬ڬݬԬѬެ, ެ ڬ լӬ֬߬ ެج߬ Ҭ ݬ߬ Ӭ֬֬߬߬. Ѭ߬߬ Ѭ ֬Ӭ ߬Ѭ֬ ԬլѬӬ ݬ Ѭܬ ݬҬ߬ ֬ެ, ٬լѬ ֬߬ ݬ߬ ܬѬѬݬ ֬ެѬڬ֬ܬڬ Ѭ֬. ݬ Ӭ ߬ڬ֬Ԭ ߬ ٬߬Ѭ֬ ѬѬ٬ڬѬ, լҬ جѬݬӬѬ! (x)
19. ArdomioR : 11-05 - ڬ߬ڬެ߬Ѭ լ֬ڬݬڬ Ӭܬ (x)
20. #JPsaf[p : 11-07 - ءߪslowgrowingߪȪߪʪުΪǡ˫󫰪Ѫ㭪ĪȪǪĪ۰Ǫ ءͪءBPHܪ˪Ҫꡢ絛ʪȪǪު <a href="http://www.anglicanthought.com/chanel-ͫ-chanel-իë׫Ыë-c-67_72.html">http://www.anglicanthought.com/chanel-ͫ-chanel-իë׫Ыë-c-67_72.html</a> 1 Ȫު٥룺 (x)
21. #JPtewf[ : 11-08 - GoogleͱϡΫȪϡGoogleͱߪࡢīëϪʪ֧ͱ誦ˡ ʪϡƫϪʪ򫯫ëơ 'ʪΫ髤Ϋ֫Ȫ۾몳ȪǪުƫ󫰪ΫתΫ׫ȫȪ˪Ϫ۾ꪹ몳Ȫ˪êơͱ׾Ǫު Wiiʫ󫽫롢ѫ૭֪تȪӪ٪ƪҫ૭֪Ϋ׫쫤몳ȪǪު 顢ޫȪϡΫѫëɪܪުΪ誦̸ު (x)
22. #mkijgk[ : 11-09 - ۪2118ҴӹϪʪ21ϪɫիȪߪࣩѪȪߪʪƪҴڪ߾٪Ǫ롣 EEOCϡ峪ǪϪʪȪ媷ġԳΪҴڪުǪ ϡѪϡêƪƫ٫ëɪȪ˫⫹ëȪ14ުҪ몳ȪǪު ⫹ëȪϪʪꪷҪĪƪު ѡӫͫϡΫ󫵪몳Ȫ󪷡ͫ뫮ĪΪҪ﷪𪨪롣 (x)
23. RakHoott : 11-12 - I was searching around the internet for many months to locate a forum like this and fell across this Monday. Exactly the kind of niche I am concerned with. I just completed making my own web design recently but not sure if it is what I like. If someone has a great web designer have them visit my website and take a peek at it. If they believe they can do a better job and help to get the website in a good ranking then send them my way and have them write a message to me. I have a luxury rentals condo up there in steamboat Colorado that is a nice vacation get away that people can rent for Colorado vacation in the mountains. Its a luxury townhome with 4 beds that I got in a will when my parents finally let it go to another town. You can check it out and see the site here: <a href="http://www.cimarronsteamboat.com/finals/luxury.html"> steamboat springs resorts</a> (x)
24. KeEreral : 11-12 - I was looking around for many evenings to discover a blog like this and stumbled across this wednesday. Just the kind of info I am interested in. I just completed making my own website recently but not sure if it is what I need. If someone has a great website designer have them visit my web and take a looking at it. If they surmise they can do a better job or help to get the site in a good ranking then send them a link and have them write a message to me. I have a resort condo up there in steamboat CO that is a nice vacation rentals that people can rent for skiing. It's a luxury townhome with 4 beds that I got in a will when my grandparents finally let it go to another town. You can check it out and see the site here: <a href="http://www.cimarronsteamboat.com/finals/luxury.html"> wyndham vacation resorts steamboat springs</a> (x)
25. vseracok : 11-14 - ڬ ֬Ӭڬ, ֬լݬѬԬѬڬ ܬѬ֬Ӭ֬߬߬ ߬Ѭڬ Ѭ۬ܬ ߬Ѭڬ լڬܬ ߬ Ԭ Ҭݬڬ߬ Ѭ߬ڬ. ۬լڬ ެ֬ ֬֬Ѭݬ߬ ݬܬ: http://olike.ru/?ref=1202801 , ݬ ֬ԬڬѬڬ, ݬڬ Ӭ, ܬѬ ٬Ӭݬڬ ߬Ѭܬڬ լݬ߬ڬ֬ݬ߬ Ҭ߬ լݬ Ҭ ݬѬ۬ܬ լڬڬܬ. (x)
26. sanatoli : 11-16 - ֬ ڬӬ֬! լܬѬجڬ լ۬լ֬ ݬ Samsung galaxy TAB 2 ܬѬ֬Ӭ ֬ԬڬѬ ڬݬ ߬ѬӬڬԬѬ? ѬެѬڬӬѬ Ѭܬج ӬѬڬѬ߬ Galaxy GalaPad 7" Wi-Fi 8GB - ߬ Ѭ ߬ ߬֬ ߬֬ ܬѬެ֬, ٬߬Ѭ Ӭڬլ֬֬ԬڬѬ ڬ ߬֬Ԭ ߬ ݬڬ Asus MeMO Pad HD 7 Acer Iconia Tab B1-A71 16GB Wexler Tab 7iS 8GB Asus Google Nexus 7 լܬѬجڬ ܬѬܬ ڬ Ӭ ֬֬ڬݬ֬߬߬ լ۬լ֬ լݬ ڬ ֬ݬ֬? Ѭܬج ֬ݬ Ҭ ڬݬެ Ҭ֬ ެ٬ Ӭڬ٬Ӭլڬݬڬ, ެѬԬѬ٬ڬ߬ ֬ܬެ֬߬լӬѬݬ Ѭ 2 samsung ܬѬ٬Ѭݬ ڬ٬٬ Ԭ ֬۬Ѭ ج Ӭ֬ Samsung TAB 3 ߬ 2- Ӭ֬ڬ ڬ ܬڬլܬ. ڬ ݬ ҬѬ? ݬ Ӭ֬ج ݬ Ӭ٬ լ֬ݬ߬ ֬ԬڬѬ լ֬ݬ߬ ߬ѬӬڬԬѬ? ѬѬ߬֬ ѬڬҬ ֬. 89619435050 Ѭڬ ֬Ԭ֬ ߬Ѭݬ֬Ӭڬ P.S. .. ڬ٬Ӭڬ߬ڬ ֬ݬ ڬҬݬѬ Ѭ٬լ֬ݬ (x)
27. ѬܬݬѬ : 07-18 - Ҭ Ҭ֬լڬ ܬڬ, ߬Ѭլ լެѬ ܬѬ ܬڬ. ݬ ߬ ެج֬ Ҭ֬լڬ - Ӭ٬ԬݬѬӬ. ެج֬ Ӭ٬ԬݬѬӬڬ - Ҭ ҬѬ٬֬ ެ֬߬! http://mailoverhead.sytes.net/?d=75532&s=iyxgmmfwyqgsrtwubmfw (x)
28. Ӭshel : 10-02 - Black Desert ڬԬ 2015 Ԭլ, ٬լѬ߬߬Ѭ جѬ߬ MMORPG ߬ӬԬ ܬݬ֬߬ڬ ӬҬѬӬѬ ֬Ҭ ݬڬ ܬѬ֬Ӭ ٬߬Ѭެ֬߬ڬ ߬ݬѬ۬-ڬ. ݬѬӬ֬ެ֬߬߬Ѭ ԬѬڬܬ, լ֬Ѭݬ߬ ѬҬѬ߬߬ ֬߬Ѭج ֬Ѭݬڬڬ߬ ڬԬӬ ެڬ ٬Ӭݬ ԬݬӬ Ԭ٬ڬ ٬ѬӬѬӬѬ ֬լ߬֬Ӭ֬ܬӬ https://goo.gl/Nop3eP Reborn ߬ӬѬ ܬݬڬ֬߬ܬѬ ߬ݬѬ۬-ڬԬ, ܬѬ ֬֬߬֬֬ ڬԬܬ ެڬ ԬѬլ, ߬Ѭݬ߬֬߬߬Ԭ ݬڬѬެ ެ߬ ٬ѬӬѬӬѬڬެ ڬܬݬ֬߬ڬެ. https://goo.gl/K2Fxn7 (x)
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